High quality
pool gratings!

They are built to last over time, with a solid structure that does not yellowing and does not breaking.

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    Are you looking for elegant and reliable swimming pool gratings?

    You are lucky!
    Depa gratings are perfect for individuals and professionals.

    Pool gratings available in 17 models

    Built to last over time

    We have pool gratings that can satisfy any request: from small family pools to large commercial pools, from water parks to campsites and hotels.

    Swimming pool gratings produced with raw materials not subject to the proliferation of fungi and bacteria. Choose the model that best suits your needs!

    What size do you need for your gratings?

    Widths from 100 mm up to 900 mm

    The pool gratings are produced in any width to adapt to existing gutters. Self-supporting gratings can be made millimeter by millimeter, up to a width of 900 mm.

    Choose from 22 custom colors to match the style of your facility and get the perfect pool gratings that you need.

    Depa: your first choice for swimming pool gratings!

    Non-slip certified and guaranteed for 5 years

    With a solid and resistant structure, Depa pool gratings are made of 100% recyclable Green PVC.

    By assembling the PVC profiles in different ways, we obtain swimming pool gratings: rigid, rollable, linear, bendable and curved to design.

    • Quality and innovation

    Pool gratings: nice, strong and durable

    Depa pool gratings have a high quality finish and are made with innovative solutions such as, for example, the particular design that facilitates water drainage.

    • They are produced in PVC and PP, with anti-UV and anti-shock additives, they prevent the formation of bacteria and fungi.

    • Made in a wide range of sizes to fit any pool.

    • Aesthetic solutions for every environment: choose now among 22 colors available in stock and customize the grating as you like.

    • Suitable for any design

    Enjoy the pleasures of your pool

    Do you like taking a dip in the pool without slipping? Our non-slip gratings are made of durable materials, guaranteed for 5 years. They are available in a wide range of colors and above all produced in compliance with the EN13541 and DIN51097 standards.

    • You use Depa swimming pool gratings to protect your guests and your property!

    • We offer 17 models of swimming pool gratings to fit any shape and dimension.

    • Shockproof and anti-slip are ideal for the safety of children and elderly.

    • Depa swimming pool gratings are easy to install, do not require any adhesive or welding.

    • Easy to install

    Recyclable and colored gratings

    Our pool gratings are designed to have a look as good as the day that you bought them.
    Then, you don’t lose time with those second-rate gratings and start using the best today!

    • You can choose your favorite color to customize your pool gratings: red, yellow, green, blue, light blue, gray, black …

    • 100% recyclable, they respect RoHS and REACH rules, with eco-compatible formulas.

    • Anti-slip certified swimming pool gratings in accordance with DIN 51097.

    Depa swimming pool gratings protect
    your guests and your structure!

    Shockproof and anti-slip are ideal for the safety of children and elderly

    Send an email to: info@depatech.com

    Call now: +39.0364.360260

    5-year warranty on swimming pool gratings

    Depa is a factory that has been producing and distributing anti-slip gratings for swimming pools since 1972.
    They are made in compliance with international standards and EN13541 and DIN51097 rules.
    To find out more about our products, contact us.

    Characteristics of Depa swimming pool gratings

    5-year warranty
    on swimming pool gratings

    Made of PVC and PP
    100% recyclable

    Anti-slip certified
    to DIN 510907 standards

    Solid and resistant

    Any width
    mm by mm

    Anti UV rays, resistant to mold and bacteria

    Wide range of
    customizable colors

    Fast international

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    Discover our technical articles for swimming pools and anti-slip portable floors.


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    Swimming pool gratings for any design!

    Available in 17 models and 22 colors, Depa gratings
    are ideal for swimming pools of any shape and size.

    Pool gratings designed to last over time!

    • Anti-slip certified according to DIN 51097 standards.
    • Long life, thanks to the high quality of the raw materials used.
    • 100% recyclable with eco-compatible formulas.

    Do you have special questions about swimming pool gratings? We are at your disposal for any explanation.

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      By using this form I agree the storage and handling of my personal data as fromPrivacy Policy.*